Re-Release: Planetary Anthology: Jupiter from Tuscany Bay Publishing

Hello again, Happy Readers!

The last of the planned Re-Releases is finally here. Planetary: Earth anthology is now live! Links are below.

This anthology contains the continuation of my Horizons Unlimited universe represented by a short story titled: “Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir“. Here’s the blurb!

One man with a vision thumbs his nose at Earth’s bureaucracy as he pushes mankind’s Manifest Destiny to Valhalla Crater on Jupiter’s moon Calisto, the largest known impact crater in the solar system, and the perfect place to test a theory that can free humans from their biological dependence on Earth itself… but it may take a bit of practice.

If you wonder where the title comes from, well, that’s simple…

Meme of woman confused with mathematic equations - ABC News (Australian  Broadcasting Corporation)
Me preparing to explain how I came up with the title

Gungnir is the spear wielded by the Norse God Odin…

ArtStation - Odin The Allfather, Adam Wesierski
Artistic Rendering of Odin with Gungnir

…who is known to only have one eye…

Jupiter has the great red spot, which is often (sometimes… ok I’ve heard it before) called the Eye of Jupiter.

Here are Juno's first closeup photos of the Great Red Spot | PBS NewsHour
The Great Red Spot, Jupiter

And Valhalla (Norse afterlife) Crater (on Calisto) is where the main action of the story takes place and they are trying to poke a hole in it.

What is Valhalla in Norse Mythology? | Historic Mysteries
Valhalla – Norse Mythology
Valhalla (crater) - Wikipedia
Valhalla Crater, Calisto

Read the story. There are other deeper & subtle connections, but I’ll keep those to myself.

Weird Al rants about the Illuminati in parody of Lorde's 'Royals' - The  Verge

So! Here’s the book!

Tuscany Bay’s Planetary Anthology Series Re-Release of Planetary Jupiter.

Follow the links to Amazon and get a copy.

There are stories here that explore the mythology of Zeus and the personalities in myth, as well as urban fantasy and fantasy stories that explore our understanding of leadership. The science fiction worlds range from splendidly alien to profoundly human to mixes of each as authors presented their visions of what life might be like on Jupiter’s moons.

Stories included are:

  • Sunward by Jeb Kinnison
  • The Jupiter Ghostbots by Lou Antonelli
  • Still Harvest by B. A. Booher
  • Encounter on Ganymede by Colleen Drippé
  • The Wretched Fate of Frankenstein by Robert Wenson
  • Subsonic Dreams by Arlan Andrews, Sr.
  • Leadership Qualities by Julie Frost
  • As Above, So Below by Jake Freivald
  • yrmidon by R.W. Ware
  • Finding Jove, or the further adventures of… by L.A. Behm II
  • Kronos & Kids by Robert Wenson
  • Daddy Issues by Karina Fabian
  • The Servant’s Journey by A. M. Freeman
  • I Only Have Eyes for Io by Robert Wenson
  • Diamond Studded by Bokerah Brumley
  • Icarus Falls by Richard Paolinelli
  • Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir by J.D. Beckwith
  • Freeze by Jane Lebak

There are still a few more anthologies in this series coming soon! Check them out when they do!

You can find out more about the Planetary Anthology Series here:

Happy Reading!

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