Double Anthology Launch: Napkin Notes + Bugged Out Babblings

OK, Happy Readers, we’ve made MOAR THINGS!

Due to circumstances beyond our squirrels, we,

The Corner Scribblers

are launching two anthologies on the same day!

Napkin Notes is a full length anthology with stories from 10 authors and a mix of genres including Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action Adventure, and Thriller. The theme is ‘Notes on a Napkin’ because we all know that some of the best ideas come that very place!

Having gone through the edit phase of this group of stories, I can personally say that it is a very entertaining read, and you will almost certainly find a new favorite.

If you are an author or an aspiring one, you may also find some helpful advice in the forward by Terry Maggert. You might want to check out his 5 Minute Author Writing Advice series on YouTube as well.

Story Titles and Authors in this collection are:

A Pawn’s PromotionPhilip K. Booker
Beware the Invisible OnesKale Sastre
Crisis Evolution: GenesisS. L. Starr
Find the Hero For YouIsaac Craft
SeventeenReggi Broach
The Benevolence FactoryJ. D. Beckwith
The EmbroidererRachel Anne Creamer
The HowlersJerry Harwood
The Unusual Contents of a Forgotten LetterMichael Gants
Peach ClobberWilliam Joseph Roberts

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Here you will find a variety of genres from science fiction to horror, to fantasy and many dimensions in between. The stories found here all begin with scribbling on the corner of a napkin. The rest is left to the imagination. Who knows what could happen or what dangers lurk at the end of the journey? It all starts with the simplest of paper that takes each character on a journey to change for the better (or worse) than how they started, by honoring the scribbling on a napkin.

Forward by Terry Maggert

Next up is Bugged Out Babblings. It is our 2nd Quarter Flash Fiction collection for 2020. It is Apocalyptic Fiction, and before you groan, please know that it was chosen BEFORE 2020. Even so, these are some neat little tales that are very short… unlike 2020 which, as we all know, is the only year to last three years in the history of years. But, hey, quarantine just means more time to read, right?

Anyway, I have two stories in this one. You should check it out! It’s only $0.99 you know! Plus you get a Z-Day story from Dan Humphreys! Come on now! Zombies! You can’t say no to zombies!

Dudes! We even have a TRAILER!

Story Titles and Authors in this collection are:

1874: The Year of the LocustJerry Harwood
A Mother’s LuckJ. D. Beckwith
Apocalypse BroadcastReggi Broach
Ceaseless WindIsaac Craft
Gimme ShelterCalvin Beam
Home Sweet HomeStacy Harmon
It Takes a VillageKarin Harris
PollenocalypseJ. D. Beckwith
Laughing JacksWilliam Joseph Roberts
George’s LamentDaniel Humphreys

Here’s where to pick it up on Amazon!

A quirky collection of flash fiction based in the real of Post Apocalyptic fiction with forward by Daniel Humphreys.

From the Pollenocalypse to Zombies, you’re sure to feel right at home with the end of the world.

And that’s the scoop! Two anthos in one day!

Buy them! Read them! Love them!

and PLEASE Review them!

Happy Reading!

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In this volume:

Quicksilver (short story)

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Null Gravitas (short story)

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Oh, and check out these Corner Scribblers anthologies. I have stories in them all! Here are some links!