Review: A Star-Wheeled Sky by Brad Torgersen

Wow! Happy Readers! Is this… is this an actual Review? Of a book!?

Holy Smokes, it’s almost like I stopped reading those this year.

This is only the 2nd Review of 2022. I had plans. Lots of plans. But life… so, I’m not ‘planning’ anything for now, just winging it. I hope there will be more reviews soon, but time will tell.

This time, I’m reviewing A Star-Wheeled Sky by Brad Torgersen, which won the 2019 Dragon Award for Best Science Fiction Novel at the 33rd annual DragonCon. I’ve had it in queue for a bit, obviously. It was there with 100s of others, but this is the type of story line I gravitate toward (human space expansion/exploration with mysterious alien discoveries… plus exploding spaceships), so, with the award win, it sifted out of the pile on the top.

Now on to the book review!

Here’s the blurb & links to A Star-Wheeled Sky on Amazon.

Amazon Blurb


Over a millennium in the past, humans fleeing Earth in slower-than-light vessels discovered the Waywork, an abandoned alien superhighway system that allows instantaneous travel from star to star. The problem: there are a finite number of Waypoint nodes—and the burgeoning population of humans is hemmed in as a result. Furthermore, humanity is divided into contending Starstates. One of the strongest is based on an oligarchy of ruling families, but still mostly democratic. The other is a totalitarian nightmare. War seems inevitable.

Now a new Waypoint appears. Might it lead to the long-lost creators of the Waywork? If so, there may be knowledge and technology that will tip the balance in the coming war.

Three people race to make it to the new Waypoint—and beyond. These include Wyodreth Antagean, the reluctant son of an interstellar shipping magnate, Lady Garsina Oswight, the daring daughter of a royal family, and Zuri Mikton, a disgraced flag officer seeking redemption. They are facing an implacable foe in Golsubril Vex, a merciless, but highly effective, autocrat from the Waywork’s most brutal regime. Vex is determined to control the new Waypoint and whatever revelation or power lies on the other side.

Now humanity’s fate—to live in freedom or endless dictatorship—depends on just what that revelation might be. And who gets there first.

My Review

This one felt like a slow starter, but, thinking about it, that was needed to give you the universe that will leave you wanting more.

Characters that are well developed, a history of the universe to the depth of lore, space combat that makes sense, and aliens that are barely fathomable… all of this makes for a terrific read that demands a sequel.

Review contains spoilers from this point forward

Humans have been in the Waywork (a collection of habitable planetary systems that are linked by alien artifacts that allow travel between them) since they slow-rolled from a dying Earth millennia ago. They barely understand how the Keys (alien objects that power/operate the Waywork) do what they do, and the number of transition points and system is fixed. The major star-states are in constant competition for resources, with Startstate Nautilan being the primary aggressor and victor-apparent of the whole of human space.

Starstate Constellar, headed by an oligarchical group known as the First Families, is the closest system to a new Waywork node that suddenly appears. The race with Starstate Nautilan for it’s control is instantly on, with Constellar drafting civilian space cruise line ships into service to help their rush efforts.

What ensues is a study in space combat tactics, intrigue, and, of curse, aliens. I wont’ spoil any more details than that.

The primary characters are well developed, but there was a relationship that was hinted at that was never fully resolved. While the story does have a beginning, middle and an end, there are entirely too many threads left dangling to call the WHOLE story complete. A sequel is definitely required, and want to read it!

I can highly recommend this book and give it 4 Epic Stars! You should definitely check it out.

Again, sorry for the huge gap in reviews, Happy Readers.

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