The Word-Nerd’s Homestead-2022, #5 – In Summer…y Part 2.

It’s me again, Happy Readers!

Here is Part 2 of the In Summer…y update.

I did work on a few projects in the last couple of months. They were mostly done on the few weekends that were not rainy or filled with boring things like yard mowing and tree trimming.

Here are few of them that I remembered to take pictures of when I was doing them.


Duck Brooder

I used a scrounged pallet and chopped most of the boards off of it. Then I covered it with hardware cloth and threw on some scrap plywood (also scrounged from work).

Once done, I put it in the shed with the brooder light and temp sensor control. I used some scrap aluminum under it to collect the poops, but the slant of the floor worked against me with the runny mess. Still, it was easier to clean up than using the old shower curtain liner like I did with the old smaller brooder.

Eventually, I was forced to raise the wall height as the ducks got bigger and started jumping out. Then, I just moved it to the yard and threw a top on it (using the same scarp aluminum), added some hinges and made a wall/ramp. The ducks got used to it pretty quick and would eventually put themselves to bed for me to lock up.

Breeder Coop Dividers

Project #2 was the split up of the breeder coop. I added internal dividers to make 3 separate sections. I put the hens in two of them and Blue the rooster in the other to help with the feather regrowth issue. One of them is still a naked-butt even today though. I’m beginning to think she is plucking her own feathers. Birds are stupid.

Food Storage Upgrade

I bought two small cans that I can just pour the feed into. The old one was not sealed well, and the mice kept getting into it and ripping into the bags and making a mess. So, now I have these outside the main pen where I don’t have to wrestle the bags as far or through doors!

Pressure Washing Porches

The front porch has not been cleaned in about 2 years, so I decided to knock out a cleaning project on a rainy afternoon. I pressure washed mine and mom’s porch, as well as her house. This was after I had already cut 5 acres of grass. I felt real accomplished after this particular day.

My Front Porch – Before
My Front Porch – After
My Front Porch – Before
My Front Porch – Before
My Front Porch – After
My Front Porch – After
Mom’s Front Porch – Before
Mom’s Front Porch – After
Mom’s Front Porch – Before
Mom’s Front Porch – Before

There are too many little things that I did that are not noteworthy, but still took time. That’s one of the reasons why I failed to post for so long. Time is always at a premium, it seems.

That’s all I have for Part 2. Thanks for reading!

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Happy Reading, Prepping & Homesteading!

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