Dragons & Dribbles: Fantasy Flash Fiction Anthology Launch

OK, Happy Readers, it’s time for Teh Dragons!

The Corner Scribblers present

Dragons & Dribbles

Dragons & Dribbles is our 3rd Quarter Flash Fiction collection for 2020. The stories in here are Fantasy with heavy leanings toward DRAGONS!

My entry is actually a 1000 word poem called Equinox. It rhymes and tells a story. Think Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, but about Dragons and Kings and Princesses and Magik and Stuff! Oh, and also not hard to understand!

I also got to play ‘Compiling/Formatting Editor’ on this one, which was quite a fun endeavor for me. It’s like herding cats and posing them for a photo, but with stories instead!

BTW: My personal favorite story in this collection is Little One by M. Kat Waller. The full cover (see below) goes so well with hers (as does the cover for Bugged Out Babblings which I believe was the original inspiration for it.)

Oh, and on the writing advice front — which we try to include in each release because Corner Scribblers is an author support group — this time we have Rob Howell dropping a few pearls of wisdom.

Here is a list of Story Titles and Authors in this collection:

Harlock the GreyJerry Harwood
EquinoxJ. D. Beckwith
A Dragon’s SwallowReggi Broach
Little OneM. Kat Waller
The Mermaid’s Herald HimIsaac Craft
Who is the DragonRachel Anne Creamer
The Case of the Asbestos CageMichael Gants
Kingdoms ApartKale Sastre
My Friend IggyKarin Harris
Den of the DrakeWilliam Joseph Roberts
A Oath’s Other EdgeRob Howell

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Barbarians, Dragons, Mermaids and Wizards abound in this eccletic collection of fantasy from Chattanooga’s own, The Corner Scribbler’s.

Forward and “An Oath’s Other Edge” a Shijuren universe short story by guest author, Rob Howell.

Buy it! Read it! Love it!

and PLEASE Review it!

Happy Reading!

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