Review: The Thing In The Woods by Matthew W. Quinn

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Here’s the blurb & links to The Thing In The Woods on Amazon.

Amazon Blurb

Seventeen-year-old James Daly thought moving from Atlanta to small-town Edington senior year would kill him, but he didn’t mean it literally.

There’s more, but honestly, I don’t suggest you read it all because it’s kind of a spoiler. Follow the Link above if you just gotta read it all, but don’t blame me if you get spoilered because I warned ya!

My Review

This is a decent Spoopy story that I consider to be more about the author’s interpretation of ‘rednecks’ as cultists and a 17 year old coming-of-age hero, than it is about a monster. The monster is there, sure, but only has three scenes. I would have liked to see more of it because it was pretty cool. I love the backstory and history of the beast. I wish some of the historic interactions with the monster that were mentioned in the book were written out instead of just ‘told’ about.

Now, I don’t want to wave anyone off of this book with my nitpicking–it’s a decent book, especially for it’s length–but I am going to explain why “I” can only give it 3 out of 5 stars. I confess that I almost quit reading at one or two points. It also lingered on as my ‘currently reading’ status for a very long time (mostly because I have become a lazy reader). See, there was lots of detail in the book… one might say… minutia… much much unrelated minutia. There were details about things that had nothing to do with any character traits, motivations or plot points. They were completely superfluous (to me) and added nothing to the story. They should have been edited out. When stuff like that is in a book that I am reading, I tend to get annoyed. I read slow. Superfluous words are a waste of my time and it makes me feel irritated. So, that’s why I can’t give it more than 3 stars.

You, my happy readers, may not have the same reaction to that, and could very well enjoy the level of detail provided. I can say that the story itself is worth taking a chance on, and that I was glad to have read the book. Emphasis on the past tense. I wanted to finish it because the story was good. The characters were decent, although there is a heavy hint of condescension toward the rural that made some of the bad guys a bit over-the-top. That could be a case of poking fun at what you know, though, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

So, despite my picked nits, I can recommend the book and call it a Decent Read.

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