Another Nerd’s Treasure – Batch the Third

Hello again, Happy Readers!

Yes, I’m an addict. I made yet another stop and grabbed more books. This time, I was greedy and took almost 50 of them! It is a true cornucopia of genres!

My methods of choosing were:

  • Hardbacks in great shape
  • Known Authors
  • All Sci-fi / Fantasy
  • Very Old books

Here’s what I came away with this time…

It took me quite a while to go through them and get them catalogued (I use Goodreads). Many of them were not there in the versions/editions I had, and many did not have cover images, so I added those as I went. Below are screen grabs of covers from the stacks above.

If you want to know more about individual titles, follow this LINK to the Goodreads list I made and look it up. I couldn’t bring myself to make all those links on here…sorry.

The complete Hardcover list in Edition Publication Date Order

  1. Fair Harbor – Joseph Crosby Lincoln [1922]
  2. It’s a Great World – Emilie Loring [1935]
  3. Confidential – Donald Henderson Clarke [1944]
  4. Brave Men – Ernie Pyle [1944]
  5. Mary Anne – Daphne du Maurier [1954]
  6. Nine Plays (Modern Library) – Eugene O’Neill [1954]
  7. The Wonderful West – Stewart Hall Holbrook [1963]
  8. Glass: Philosophy and Method, Hand-blown, Sculptured, Colored – John Burton [1967]
  9. The Emergent Native Americans: A Reader in Culture Contact – Deward E. Walker, Jr. [1972]
  10. The Jigsaw Man – Dorothea Bennett [1976]
  11. Millennium – Ben Bova [1976]
  12. The Brendan Voyage: A Leather Boat Tracks the Discovery of America by the Irish Sailor Saints – Tim Severin [1978]
  13. A Hostage to Fortune – Ernest K. Gann [1978]
  14. No Comebacks – Frederick Forsyth [1982]
  15. Tess of the D’Urbervilles – Thomas Hardy [1985]
  16. The Ropespinner Conspiracy – Michael M. Thomas [1987]
  17. American Tropic – David A. Kaufelt [1987]
  18. Out On The Rim (Arthur Case Wu, #2) – Ross Thomas [1987]
  19. Ashar of Qarius – Clare Cooper [1990]
  20. Shaman – Noah Gordon [1992]
  21. The Living – Annie Dillard [1992]
  22. Three Complete Mysteries (Capital Crimes, #8-10) – Margaret Truman [1994]
  23. Night Train to Memphis (Vicky Bliss, #5) – Elizabeth Peters [1994]
  24. The Afghan – Frederick Forsyth [2006]
  25. Commander’s Wild Side: Bold Flavors for Fresh Ingredients from the Great Outdoors – Ti Adelaide Martin [2008]
  26. Almost Perfect – Alice Adams [2011]

The complete Paperback list in Edition Publication Date Order

  1. Bombay Mail – Lawrence G. Blochman [1951]
  2. The Aeneid – Vergil [1964]
  3. The Horse That Had Everything – Newlin B. Wildes [1966]
  4. The Incredible Journey – Sheila Burnford [1968]
  5. One Against Time – Astron del Martia [1970]
  6. The Hounds of Skaith (The Book of Skaith, #2) – Leigh Brackett [1974]
  7. Tactics of Conquest – Barry N. Malzberg [1975]
  8. Pale Gray for Guilt – John D. MacDonald [1975]
  9. Cinnabar – Edward Bryant [1977]
  10. The Dragon Lensman (Second Stage Lensman Trilogy, #1) – David A. Kyle [1980]
  11. Frankenstein – Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley [1980]
  12. Rabbit, Run (Rabbit Angstrom, #1) – John Updike [1980]
  13. Exiles at the Well of Souls (Saga of the Well World, #2) – Jack L. Chalker [1981]
  14. The Breaking of Northwall (The Pelbar Cycle, #1) – Paul O. Williams [1981]
  15. Lensman from Rigel (Second Stage Lensman #2) – David A. Kyle [1982]
  16. The Floating Gods – M. John Harrison [1983]
  17. The Revenants – Sheri S. Tepper [1984]
  18. The Gates of Creation (World of Tiers 2) – Philip José Farmer [1984]
  19. The Perseus Breed – Kevin Egan [1988]
  20. Being a Green Mother (Incarnations of Immortality, #5) – Piers Anthony [1988]
  21. Metamorphosis – David Saperstein [1988]
  22. Through the Ice – Piers Anthony [1992]
  23. Antimatter (Star Trek Deep Space Nine #8) – John Vornholt [1994]

I will be reading some of these. Others are going up on Ebay for others to find and love. In fact, if you are interested in any of these, drop a comment. I might be convinced to part with it!

That concludes the Enumeration of Batch the Third!

I think I’m done now. While there are many many more left for the looting, I think I’ve acquired the ones that are most interesting to me. I’ll leave the remainder for other Treasure Seekers to find!

Happy Reading!

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