Book Launch: Places Beyond The Wild – Z-Day Anthology + $0.99 ebook sale

Welcome to Launch Day, Happy Readers!

Some of you may remember my reviews of Dan Humphrey’s Z-Day books.

Now it’s time to reveal a brand new ANTHOLOGY in the Z-Day Universe with a story by YOURS TRULY!

You can find my wordy contribution, titled A Place To Be Alone, along with stories from a great cast of writers IN:


The world did not go quietly into the night.
The vast wilds outside a place called Hope hold their own stories. When the end came, what happened to everyone else?

Massachusetts. Texas. Alabama. Tennessee. Pockets of humanity have persisted through the apocalypse. All have tales of survival and loss.

Mad Dog Mattis’ last stand at the Pentagon. The first Christmas after the end of the world. A family isolated on their homestead as the evolving dead press at the fences. A desperate quest for helicopters to destroy the undead.

Come read through this expansion of Daniel Humphreys’ Dragon Award nominated Z-Day universe. Twelve brand new survival stories written by the best up and coming independent sci-fi and fantasy writers will thrill fans of the series.

Find tales of hope in a desolate world and read Places Beyond The Wild today!

Author Role Call

Daniel HumphreysDeclan FinnP.A. PiattHans SchantzJon Del ArrozJ.M. AnjewierdenBokerah BrumleyRichard PaolinelliJ.D. Beckwith

I can’t wait for you to enjoy this book, and I am beyond excited to be a part of it! Thanks so much to Daniel Humphreys for letting me play around in his amazing world of techno-zombies!

And, in celebration, I have also put my two books on sale for just $0.99 through next Monday November 25th!

So grab a copy of Places, check out my story, and then grab a copy of both of my other books if you like what you see!

Also, Happy Readers, remember that Authors Live On Reviews (and coffee, of course) so be sure to drop one on the book at Amazon when you are done loving it like I know you will!