Review: This Fallen World by Christopher Woods

Well, it’s been another long delay in blogging and reviews. My apologies. I wish I could claim some earth-shaking events of unignorable gravity in my life, but the truth is that I’ve just been doing other fun things that didn’t involve reading.

I know, shocking that those exist, right? They do. I should probably share some of it with you, but it’s way out of the bounds of the literary realm. But, I’ll ask you Happy Readers if you’d like to hear more…

Drop a comment if you would like to hear about:

  1. Spring Planning for chickens, ducks, quail and gardens.
  2. Prepping for emergencies (aka SHTF).
  3. D&D Campaign prep and running by the DM (aka Herding Cats).

Those are the primary culprits that have currently been stealing my entertainment time. Plus the Interwebz, of course.

Anyway, you probably just want the book review… here it is!

Happy Reading!

Amazon’s blurb & preview

The world has Fallen, but life goes on…

Matthew Kade was a corporate assassin—one of the best agents Obsidian Corporation had. But then the bombs began falling, and the old world ended. Now he must navigate the new world he finds himself in, a world where the strongest survive, and the weaker do their bidding…or die.

Kade was always one of the strongest, though, so when a rich man’s daughter goes missing, he turns to Kade to find her and bring her back. But she has already been gone three days, and in the Fallen World, that is an eternity in which any number of things could have happened to her.

Can Kade—a man with a price on his head—pick up the trail of the young woman and navigate the streets of the city to find her, or will the city’s denizens be the end of him? It will take all of Kade’s abilities to find her and save her life…if he doesn’t lose his first.

“This Fallen World” includes three novellas in an exciting new universe by bestselling author Christopher Woods. You’ll want to get it—right now!

This Fallen World (The Fallen World Book 1)This Fallen World by Christopher Woods
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The year is… umm… sometime in the future (after 2067… had to research that). The big corporations that had taken over political power in the world have finally gone past the point of sanity; dropping nukes and turning the planet into a decaying wasteland. What remains is This Fallen World.

Out of the chaos of one of North America’s major metropolises (metropoli?) [actually Philadelphia, I found that out from the blurb of book 5!) a former Obsidian Corporation Agent named Judge Dredd… I mean, Mathew Kade, now tries to earn a living while fighting his Imprinter induced schizophrenia (OMG, I spelled that right the first try! Wait, is that a good thing!?). Fortunately, he’s become a decent dude and mostly deals out justice and stuff.

He’s looking for a girl who’s been kidnapped/betrayed in a very bad way. Follow along as he performs a tour de force of the fallen city full of sky scrapers and bad guys like thugs and psychos, cannibals and fanatics, farmers and clowns, yep, that’s not a typo. And that’s just part one!

Part two, The Broken City, takes you underground to the sewers, or Tees, where the group called the Mardins have found a disturbing pattern of mutilation murders. The Mardins hold things together with discipline and willpower, so any threat like this is taken quite seriously. Kade is hired to track down the killer. Ass-kickery then ensues.

If you want a fast paced tale of post-apocalyptic ass whoopin’ with a splash of hope in a wide-open world, then this is the book for you.

Part three (Seeds), though, is the best of them all. It’s from a different perspective… remember those farmers I mentioned? Well, Zee Pratt, his Pop, and his brother Damnit Jimmy are the ones who started that group off on their way. There’s a spoilery type secret about Jimmy that I won’t tell you, but I mention it only to say that it’s why this book should be the first one in the compilation. It has a much better hook than the first two IMHO.

The story is one that pulls you in immediately, and you know who the hero is almost from the start. His name is Leroy Jenkins… no, wait, it’s Zebediah Pratt. He has a magic black gelding named Dagger that teleports him from one ass-kicking scene to the next. No, not really, but I like trying to be funny. The action in this one is non-stop. The plot takes you through the major events in the life of Zee post-fall. It’s terrific.

Overall, the only complaint I’ll share is that I wanted more details. I wanted more description. I’m sure it would have lagged the pacing, but it’s such a cool world that I NEED MOAR!! It’s a page turning tale and I definitely recommend it.

The series is now a shared world. There are six books to date. I have already begun reading the next one, Don’t Call Me Ishmael by Chris Kennedy. The third is an anthology of multiple authors from many different perspectives in This Fallen World called From The Ashes. Book 4 is another by Kennedy titled The Price of Freedom. Book 5, Farmer’s Creed is just out recently (Oct ’19) and is Chris Woods’ continuation of the Seeds novella in This one. Finally, Call Me Mr. Smith, written by Alex Wrath, was just released this month (Nov ’19).

I’ll be reading the next one for sure. I give This Fallen World a rating of 3.5 stars and call it a Gateway Read! I’ll throw those other reviews on the blog as I get through them.

In the meantime, Happy Reading!

P.S. – I’ll have some exciting news posted soon, so make sure you’re signed up for notifications!

Hint: It involves Zombies!!!!

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