The Word-Nerd’s Homestead – Fall 2021: Blog Edition #8 – General Update

Welcome back to the Homestead, Happy Readers!

I have not done much of interest on the Homestead lately, so posts have been scarce. I figure I should at least post some update pics of the birds for those of you who are interested in seeing their growth progress.

But first, here are some fall foliage pictures I took before all the leaves dropped…

Duck Doings

I did do a clean-out of the duck house and split it down the center in prep for spring breeding. Then I let the 3 little ducks (I lost one after it managed to hang itself on the stupid brooder light!) use the far side so that the big ducks could get used to seeing them. It worked out really well because they integrated easily. I ended up with one pure Blue Swedish, a hazy yellow colored Blue Swedish/Welsh Harlequin Cross (“Hazel”), and a really pretty BS/WH cross that I’m calling “What”. Because I have no idea how that color scheme came out of those birds. It looks like a throwback to a Khaki Cambell or something.

Very poopy duck house before the pressure washer
Clean & divided duck house
After the 1st day of use by the big ducks on the right side (before adding hay)
Big ducks after hay added
Little ducks with hay
Fraidy ducks
1/2 Blue Swedish – 1/2 Welsh Harlequin = WHAT?
Little duck that I have now name WHAT – blue & white wing-tips
Divided Pen with Pallet Swing Gate
Integration day + 1st swim ever for little ducks

Other Birbs

I’m going to call this one Freedom Chicken because it makes me think of an eagle – – 11/25/21
Freedom Chicken! – 11/25/21
Freedom Chicken – 11/25/21
Full blooded Blue Laced Red Wyandotte? – 11/25/21
Batch #3 – 12/11/21
Main Flock Roosting – 12/4/21
Main Flock Roosting – 12/4/21
Goonie Flock – 12/12/21
Goonie Flock – 12/12/21
Goonie Flock – 12/12/21
Goonie Flock – 12/12/21
Batch #2 – 11/20/21
Batch #2 – 12/4/21

I also did a chick brooder upgrade before I put Batch #3 into it. I added insulation all around it since the temps were dropping, and I put a top on it. I also added the roosting poles and hanger bars for the feeder & waterer.

Miscellaneous Pics

A few other scenery pics from the homestead.

Welp, that’s about it for now. Thanks for reading!

Happy Reading, Prepping & Homesteading!

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