Signal Boost – New Release: Talons & Talsimans I

Hello Happy Readers!

This is just a quick Signal Boost for the release of one of the Upcoming Titles I previously hyped.

Talons & Talismans

(Libri Mysteriorum Book 1)

edited by Rob Howell, from Chris Kennedy Publishing

Beasts and monsters walk among us!

Changelings, Ogres, Medusae, and other fantastic creatures all have tales to tell, tales that show they’re more than simply horrors in the night or foes worthy of heroes to defeat.

Fifteen of these tales are here in Talons & Talismans I.

A necromancer tries to save a zombie from a broken heart. A medusa searches for someone who sees her and doesn’t have a heart of stone. Werewolves mourn lost families while seeking new ones. And, of course, there are Dragons, including one who must choose between his hoard and a new friend.

Will these monsters remain monstrous, or will they become something more than simply a beast? Come and find out.

With stories by:
Kevin J. Anderson
D.J. Butler
Rick Partlow
Kacey Ezell
Mark Wandrey
Josh Hayes
Jon R. Osborne
Kevin Steverson
G. Scott Huggins
David Shadoin
Benjamin Tyler Smith
Melissa Olthoff
Casey Moores
J.T. Evans
Julie Frost

Signal Boosted! Happy Reading!

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Matter conversion technology—Matt-Con—has broadened the scope of mankind’s existence. It has opened up the real possibility of viable colonies on other planets in our solar system, and even space itself. Anywhere matter can be captured or energy from the sun can be felt, the possibility of expanding human habitation exists.

In this volume:

Quicksilver (short story)

The space station Chariot of Helios—on its way to Mercury to become a power collection station for Earth’s growing need for energy to power matt-con tech—encounters a strange anomaly that threatens ship and crew.

Null Gravitas (short story)

New crew and new relationships form above the skies of Venus. A post-prequel to Escaping Aurora.

Escaping Aurora (novella)

The sudden destruction of mankind’s first atmospheric terraforming platform leaves three unlucky exonauts struggling to survive in the skies of Venus aboard a cobbled-together airship. Meanwhile, the commander of the space station above battles obstacles that might keep her from rescuing her stranded husband and crew in time.

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Can the goal of ending most crime justify committing one… even a few?
And what happens when you conflate altruism with egotism?

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