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Hello Happy Readers!

Today’s blog is a list of books that I’ve come across that have been released recently or will be released soon. You should check them out. I’ll come back to this post and add links to the Coming Soon books when they come out. (They are Amazon Affiliate links, so I’ll get a bit of a commission if you buy one!)

New Releases


Freckles: The Dark Wizard

by Jerry Harwood

At Flame Rock Middle School, you show off your big biceps, post your dimples on InstaWitch, grow a cheetah tail, or use your fairy wings to fly down the hall. For Simon, wearing his peers’ opinions can be a literal event. Especially since Simon has the visible mark of a weak wizard… freckles. What will happen when Simon learns he has dark magic and can conjure a dragon? Will he become one of the bullies he hated or choose a different path?

This one is for Middle Schoolers (Grades 4 to 8), but I think it sounds interesting enough for me to read myself. Besides, it’s on a Kindle Countdown Deal as of this posting and you can get it for FREE!

Jerry is a fellow Corner Scribbler, so be sure to leave him a review when you’re done. And share with your friends.


It Takes All Kinds (The Coalition Book 9)

edited by Kevin Steverson & Chris Kennedy

It Takes All Kinds…Of Aliens!

Harmon Tomeral and his friends wanted nothing more than to go to space, and they have beaten the odds, time and again. They developed a mech and won the Top Fleet Marine Competition. They brought back a battlecruiser from an unknown system and made it their own. They made allies who helped them achieve great victories, and they ultimately founded new colonies in what has become known as the Salvage System.

The galaxy is a big place, though, peopled with thousands of races, and most haven’t graced the pages of a Salvage Title book…until now.

“It Takes All Kinds” contains fourteen all-new stories showcasing some of the aliens in the Salvage Universe, and helps give a wider view of the galaxy as events continue to transpire in The Coalition series. From smugglers you’ve seen before to races and their pets that you haven’t, one thing’s for sure—Harmon Tomeral will be there to stick up for the little guy. From aliens looking for that special guitar to AI’s looking for a little more life, it’s all in here. Just remember, though—Laney ain’t recruiting!

Inside are potential allies for Harmon Tomeral and his friends…as well as some of the adversaries who are lining up against Salvage System. Who are these new races? Take a look inside and find out!

With Stories by:
Kevin Steverson, William Webb, Alex Rath, Quincy J. Allen, Marisa Wolf, Chris Woods, Rob Howell, Ian Malone, Tim C. Taylor, Melissa Olthoff, Mark Stallings, Robert E. Hampson, Jason Cordova, Benjamin Tyler Smith


Salvage Mother (The Coalition Book 10)

by Kevin Steverson & Kacey Ezell

Across the galaxy, hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her young, no matter the race!

Harmon Tomeral and the crew of Salvage Title embark on an exploration of an anomalous system discovered by young Bahroot. Unlike the vast majority of gated systems, this one was not on the list of coordinates publicly available on the Galactic Network.

Meanwhile, Siva, a fighter pilot and new mother in a binary system on the edge of the galaxy is forced to make a decision. She chooses to do what it takes to save her babies…at all costs.

With Salvage Fleet repaired and growing, training is ongoing for the newest fleet members. Salvage System is quiet and its allies are experiencing the same, so Harmon decides a little old fashioned salvaging is called for.

An unknown system with no gate usage in centuries. What could go wrong?

Titles Coming Soon


Talons and Talismans

edited by Rob Howell

Releasing October 5th, 2021 from Chris Kennedy Publishing

Paraphrased from the Anthology Submission Call…

“A compilation of fantasy stories involving a beast or monster. They may include elements of horror, but they are not horror stories. They are fantasy that lean toward the heroic. The beast or monster your protagonist, but if not, the creature must be a central figure, (like Grendel in Beowulf).”

This one turned into a two volume project. Volume one will have stories from the following authors:

Kevin J. Anderson, David Butler (Part 1 of 2), J.T. Evans, Kacey Ezell, Julie Frost, Josh Hayes, Scott Huggins, Casey Moores, Melissa Moroney Olthoff, Jon R. Osborne, Rick Partlow, David Shadoin, Kevin Steverson, Benjamin Tyler Smith, Mark H Wandrey


And Then It Got Weird…

edited by Jamie Ibson

Releasing October 22nd, 2021 from Chris Kennedy Publishing

“Whether you like your fantasy darker than black coffee, your multi-verse meta-mischief light as whipped topping, or your sci fi with Lovecraftian sprinkles, something here ought to tickle your tastebuds.”

With stories from:

Scott Huggins, Dave Butler, Marie Whittaker, Benjamin Tyler Smith, Rob Reed, Griffin Barber, Kevin Steverson, Mark Wandrey, Jon Osborne, Quincy J Allen, Matt Novotny, Jason Cordova, Jamie Ibson


It Came From The Trailer Park

Releasing Halloween (October 31th, 2021) from Three Ravens Publishing

It Came From The Trailer Park began as a fun idea to revisit the Classic Horror and Old-School Creature Feature genres with a hefty helping of B-rate tropes thrown in for good measure. Who doesn’t love a good Bruce Campbell or classic Vincent Price flick on a dark and dreary night? 

Emmy award winner, Bill Oberst Jr. opens the collection and sets the stage for the stories to come. From aliens to demons to werewolves and so many more, you’re sure to fall in love with these tales of the Macabre.  

So come on in. Take a load off. And get yourself ready for twenty unforgettable tales, straight from the Trailer Park. 

Stories written by: Sara Brooke, Mel Todd, Charity Ayres, Amie Gibbons, William Alan Webb, J. D. Beckwith, Philip K. Booker, J.F. Posthumus, JL Curtis, John Drake, Michael K. Falciani, Michael Gants, Rob Howell, R.J. Ladon, Ian McMurtrie, Benjamin Tyler Smith, Kevin Steverson, Christopher Woods, Jenny Wren, and William Joseph Roberts.

Now this one actually will have a story of mine in it called ‘Chock-a-Block Park‘. I decided to go a bit urban fantasy with it, and I did a lot of rabbit hole research for the opening scene. It was fun, and I think you’ll like it.

Bonus: Here is the full art layout!

“Fred & Jean” by Cover artist Dawn Spears

OK, Happy Readers, that’s all I have for now. Keep reading, and stay tuned for more cool books!

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Matter conversion technology—Matt-Con—has broadened the scope of mankind’s existence. It has opened up the real possibility of viable colonies on other planets in our solar system, and even space itself. Anywhere matter can be captured or energy from the sun can be felt, the possibility of expanding human habitation exists.

In this volume:

Quicksilver (short story)

The space station Chariot of Helios—on its way to Mercury to become a power collection station for Earth’s growing need for energy to power matt-con tech—encounters a strange anomaly that threatens ship and crew.

Null Gravitas (short story)

New crew and new relationships form above the skies of Venus. A post-prequel to Escaping Aurora.

Escaping Aurora (novella)

The sudden destruction of mankind’s first atmospheric terraforming platform leaves three unlucky exonauts struggling to survive in the skies of Venus aboard a cobbled-together airship. Meanwhile, the commander of the space station above battles obstacles that might keep her from rescuing her stranded husband and crew in time.

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Can the goal of ending most crime justify committing one… even a few?
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