The Word-Nerd’s Homestead – Summer 2021: Blog Edition #4

Welcome back to the Homestead, Happy Readers!

The Homestead has been fairly calm and dull the last couple of days. Here’s a quick rundown…

Garden to Jar

I got a bit of harvest done late last week, but was lazy and didn’t get it all canned up until yesterday.

The cucumber was hiding in the pea trellis and was over a foot long.

The purple hulls were added to the ones I blanched the week before and froze to make the six pints I canned. That brings my total up to 18 pints canned out of the 4x 50′ rows I planted. I think that’s the last of them. Anything else I’m probably just going to save for seed.

What in the Flock is Going On?

I also started the Epsom salt regimen for the Bossy duck with the bumblefoot last Friday. Poor girl has it in BOTH feet. I did it for two days before we had hurricane Ida soak us for a few. That kept me form doing much outside. That included keeping up with the foot soaking. So, today, I made got things going again.

Ducks don’t like bucket jail, by the way. It’s the second worst thing next to being murdered every day. It’s extra murdery, from what I understand of duck-speak.

The rest of my time was spent designing a guinea tractor and run in Solid Edge (3D drafting & design software) as a way to teach myself the software. More on that in a future post (after I get the thing built).

The necessity is that these guinea keets have just about outgrown the brooder. They will be 8 weeks old next Monday, so it’s past time. I have a plan for their training, but it requires the mobile coop to do it. So, that’s what I’ll be working on tomorrow and through the weekend.

1 Dozen Guinea Keets – 7 weeks old

Bubba Yaga Teaser #2

My design concept so far. The materials are not matching up though, so I’ll probably go into ‘Empirical Prototyping’ mode soon. #RedneckEngineering

Until next time…

Happy Reading, Prepping & Homesteading!

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