Signal Boost! – “Places Beyond The Wild” Sale – $0.99 Week (8/22/21)

I’ve got a deal for you, Happy Readers!

Daniel Humphreys has a $$$ Sale $$$ going on for his Z-Day Series.

You can get both:

Places Beyond the Wild: A Z-Day Anthology which includes my story “A Place To Be Alone”.


A Place Outside the Wild, the ORIGINAL 1st book in the series…


Places Beyond the Wild: A Z-Day Anthology

This is the re-released version and also includes TWO NEW STORIES for you to enjoy. So, even if you bought the previous one, for less than a buck you can get EVEN MORE ZOMBIES!

The vast wilds outside a place called Hope hold their own stories. When the end came, what happened to everyone else?

Massachusetts. Texas. Alabama. Tennessee. Pockets of humanity have persisted through the apocalypse. All have tales is survival and loss.

Mad Dog Mattis’ last stand at the Pentagon. The first Christmas after the end of the world. A family isolated on their homestead as the evolving dead press at the fences. A desperate quest for helicopters to destroy the undead.

Come read through this expansion of Daniel Humphreys’ Dragon Award nominated Z-Day universe. Twelve brand new survival stories written by the best up and coming independent sci-fi and fantasy writers will thrill fans of the series.

Find tales of hope in a desolate world and read Places Outside The Wild today!

Stories included:

Black Friday – Daniel Humphreys

Caterpi!ar –  Travis J.I. Corcoran

Last Stand of the Mad Dog –   Declan Finn

The Hope –  Yakov Merkin (New Story)

A Viking Funeral –   P.A. Piatt

Timeline Zulu –   Hans Schantz

Love in the Time of Zombies –  Jon Del Arroz

Thorn –  LC Champlin (New Story)

The Quiet at the End –  J.M. Anjewierden

Family Z –  Bokerah Brumley

One Step for Mankind –  Morgon Newquist

The Enemy of My Enemy –  Richard Paolinelli

A Place to be Alone –  J. D. Beckwith

The Staked Plain –   Daniel Humphreys

A Place Outside the Wild

It is also available this week (8/23/21) for just $0.99. So grab it and see how the whole series starts.


“This might be one of the best zombie books I’ve read.”
“You WILL NOT be disappointed!”
“(A) refreshing new twist to the traditional zombie apocalypse tale.”
“World War Z meets Rot and Ruin.”

From the back cover:

Eight years after Z-Day, the surviving remnants of mankind face the unknown. The fences and walls kept the ravenous undead at bay until they wasted away. A once overwhelming foe has turned feeble and weak, and a world gone wild seems ripe for reclamation.

The scars of the long war run deep. And hope is a dangerous thing when the real enemy might just be the survivors themselves.

You can also get the sequels or the whole set.

My Reviews of the series…

And I’m not just shilling here. I loved this series BEFORE I got to write a story in the universe. Check out my reviews for each book!



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