Signal Boost! – Starflight: Tales From The Starport Lounge

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A new anthology about an old adventure is now out from Three Ravens Publishing


Seventeen incredible authors. Seventeen amazing stories. One fantastic sci-fi universe, where the only limit is one’s imagination. Welcome to Starflight.

Based on the exploration-based Starflight video game series created by Greg Johnson and the Binary Systems team, the stories in Tales From the Starport Lounge flesh out and shine a light into the darkest corners of the known universe. Join the last vestiges of Humanity and their alien allies (the reptilian Thrynn, the insectoid Velox, and the plant-based Elowan) as they attempt to carve out their own territory in a sector of space filled with wondrous opportunity and deadly threats. Brave explorers seek out new worlds to colonize while merchants cruise from starport to starport, their holds laden with exotic goods.

Not all in this futuristic setting have noble intent. For every prospector and trader attempting to make a difference, a dozen pirates, smugglers, and mobsters engage in all manner of criminal enterprise. Gangs fill the underbellies of every major city and raid the trade routes between the stars, pushing the outnumbered and outgunned Interstel Police to their limit and forcing civilians to take matters into their own hands. It’s a rough and tumble universe, where one wrong move could spell doom for an expedition, or grant enough wealth to buy a planet.

Board your ship and set course for stars unknown! The universe awaits.

Stories include:

“Those Who Came Before” by Michael Gants“Choices” by Christopher Woods

“Black Box Blues” by Philip K. Booker

“Rock of Truth” by Bart Kemper

“Obligations” by Marisa Wolf

“Hindsight” by R.J. Ladon

“Peacestone” by Brisco Woods

“Everyone Gets What They Have Coming” by D.J. Butler

“A New Beginning” by J.F. Posthumus

“Fire at Will” by Declan Finn

“Hiro of Arth” by David A. Tatum

“Rover Rescue” by Michael J. Allen

“Territory” by Nick Steverson

“Turn of Luck” by William Joseph Roberts

“Always on Duty” by Benjamin Tyler Smith

“To Cache a Killer” by Michael J. Ciaravella

“Through the Time Lens” by Robert Silverberg

Plus an introduction by Starflight creator, Greg Johnson


If you are a fan of the old 8-bit game, you can get a copy of it over on

Starflight 1 & 2


Watch the Everything Starflight episode of TDB Pirate Radio with the creator himself, Greg Johnson!



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