State of the Wampuscat – Diversifying the Blog

Hello Happy Readers!

Changes are coming to the blog. At least, that’s the plan, but I reserve the right to fail.

Up to this point, I’ve always kept this blog geared toward Book Reviews or my own Writing. That’s one of the reasons it has been so sparse lately. I have not done any reading (shame on me) that was not editing or social media related. I have been writing, but there’s nothing new published… yet.

I haven’t been completely sedentary, but the things that I have been doing, I mostly drop posts on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook and I are quickly coming to a lack of understanding regarding their censorship practices (I like to crack jokes and they have no sense of humor), so I am probably going to expand this blog to make it a better home for all my ‘stuff & thangs’ as my subtitle mentions.


I hope to blog more frequently, and I plan to diversify my topics. What does that mean exactly? Let’s look…

Let’s talk Diversification. That’s a term often used in money management circles. It’s essentially the practice of not keeping all your eggs in one basket. Spreading it around into various things so that when one is growing slowly or in decline, the others are still producing gains to give balanced and upward trending result.

So, to keep the blog from drying up while I don’t have a book to review or a new release going on, I will be expanding to more than just WRITING or READING.

Here are some of the things I plan to add to this blog…


You can’t stop the signal…

…everything goes somewhere and I go everywhere…

Mr. Universe (Serenity)

That’s the best category name I can come up with for what I have in mind.

I hope there will be a good bit of this.

I will be highlighting the publications and media of other authors and publishers out there that I have connections with, in order to boost their visibility and hopefully provide you Happy Readers with more stuff to look at that you are interested in. Reciprocation is the desired result.

Genres of interest that will be shared: Science Fiction (Space Opera, Military, Pulp, Hard Science), Fantasy, Post-Apocalypse, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, and more.

Formats: Books, Movies, Conventions, Podcasts, Videos, Online Events, etc.


I have a modest homestead in Northwest Georgia. I grew up with animals and gardens as part of my life, and I’ve continued it throughout because I enjoy it. I’ve really doubled down on it due to Coof Season.

I try to raise my own crops for homegrown food, canning & just general enjoyment of the attempt. I have re-started my poultry flock. It currently consists of chickens, ducks & guineas. I’ll soon be collecting eggs. I’m hatching my own to expand my flock. I will be using them for meat eventually (Vegans, you may leave now. This is not a place for you. I will not give you a voice here on my platform. Meat is good!)

My posts on FB that I have been calling my HOMESTEAD UPDATES are basically a highlight list of what I accomplish (or fail at) on my homestead. I try to take lots of pictures to go with it. I’ll probably have to be more selective here, but figuring those limits out on this platform will also be a part of my journey. Wheeee!

I’m going to be posting those here as the main home for that information. I invite any and all to comment on what I have going on with my little farm in the mountains. I don’t purport to be an expert, and I certainly am not a professional farmer. I am doing this more as a self-sufficiency experiment, and I am a long way from actually being that. Although, I’m closer than most.


When I see new things of a nerdy nature that I have an interest in, I might just share them here. It is the Age of the Nerd after all. This will be similar to the Signal Boost, but may not involve anyone with whom I have connections.


I might just throw a random post or two in here on these subjects, just because they interest me.


I don’t particularly like to ARGUE/DISCUSS politics these day. I prefer to bitch and rant. If I post something of a political nature (probably rarely) it will most likely be a rant. I do not invite alternate opinions presented in the form of insults. If you feel the need to disagree, be respectful, and I might let a comment stand. If you become angry at what I post here, please unsub. I won’t have my page hijacked with counterarguments, flame wars and trolling. It’s my blog, so if you want to present your ‘alternate (aka wrong) opinions’ go get your own. Of course, you can feel free to agree with me as much as you like. 🙂

I don’t TRY to be an asshole; unfortunately, it is one of my natural talents.


I may even occasionally just load a page full of stolen memes and fling it at the wall.

That’s all for now, folks

Happy Reading!