Take Me To Your Reader: Alien First Contact Flash Fiction Anthology Launch

OK, Happy Readers, it’s time for First Contact!

The Corner Scribblers present

Take Me To Your Reader

Take Me To Your Reader is our (much delayed) 4th Quarter Flash Fiction collection for 2020. Yes, we know it’s February 2021… but it’s WAS 2020… ’nuff said. The stories in this one are all about Alien First Contact!

My entry is actually a 1400 word short called Get Out of the Way! Taken from the old adage, ‘Lead, follow, or get out of the way’, it is a semi-humorous, semi-satirical look at when you are too confident that you know which one you should do!

As per ususal, there is a writing advice foreword, this time by Dan Hollifield.

Here is a list of Story Titles and Authors in this collection:

Note to MaryJenny Wren
Songs of a Distant WorldMichael Gants
A Hunt Gone WrongWilliam Joseph Roberts
Get Out of the Way!J. D. Beckwith
DiversionReggi Broach
Tea PartyIsaac Craft
Searching the SkiesJerry Harwood
SignalKale Sastre

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Take me to your reader is a collection of fun, serious and wacky stories centered around a first contact with an alien species.



Forward and story contribution “the signal” by guest author Dan Hollifield, head editor and owner of Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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Happy Reading!

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