Book Launch: Drunken Cranberries & Other Holiday Musings


Drunken Cranberries & Other Holiday Musings

A Corner Scribblers Holiday Collection : Vol 1

Well, Happy Readers, we’ve gone and made a thing!

Who is “we”? you might ask. “We” is (are?) the Corner Scribblers!

A group of us writers have been getting together on Tertiary Tuesdays since September. We decided to call our group the Corner Scribblers since we started out in the NW Corner of Georgia. We are all local authors, artists, videographers, vocal artists, editors, readers, gamers and other interested parties who just want to help and encourage each other along in this game of writing and publishing.

In the November meeting it was decided to put together a collection of flash fiction (500 words or less) stories into an anthology under the Corner Scribblers’ moniker. The theme would be centered around the Holidays.

Well, a month later, we have a flash fiction anthology ready for you Happy Readers to pick up, enjoy and stuff into your stockings or electronic Kindle socks! 12 bite-sized selections from a wide range of genres so than anyone is bound to find something they like inside! Hey! That’s one for each Day of Christmas! All for a short buck ($0.99) on Amazon.

So, get your copy! Devour it like the proverbial Christmas Goose! Then be sure to leave us a review so that we can all get rich and famous!

Check out these festive titles by these soon-to-be-rich-and-famous* authors!

Grandfatherly AdviceIsaac Craft
Grandmaw Bubba and the Crimma BushJ.D. Beckwith
Twas the Night of the Living Dead Before ChristmasS.L. Starr
Holiday PayReggi Broach
Snowman DreamKit Roberts
T’was a Nitemare’s EveWilliam Joseph Roberts
The Specter of Christmas PresentMichael Gants
C is for ChristmasJ.D. Beckwith
Holiday “Spirit”William Joseph Roberts
Holiday HaikusKarin Harris
Farmer’s ChristmasChristopher Woods
The Solstice HuntMichael Gants

* This may be a fictitious statement, but as a fiction author I am qualified to make it. Also, some of the authors listed may already be rich &/or famous. I have no idea how exactly you measure something like that objectively.