Review: Come, Seeling Night (Paxton Locke #3) by Daniel Humphreys

Well, Dan’s done it again! Another excellent book in this series that has left me wanting more. Review is below!

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Drugged and shipped to who-knows-where on an airplane, he’s locked up by men who seem to be Feds. But they haven’t given him his phone call, and Pax isn’t sure if his cell mates are even human.

This is one cell he can’t get out of, but he’s got to find a way to escape. Mother has his girlfriend, and she wants a redo of the night she killed Paxton’s father. But this time she won’t be interrupted. Paxton’s got to find Cassie, and he’s got to stop his mother.

Or the world might end.

Apocalyptic visions from Mother’s grimoire have haunted him for years. Now she’s close to making it happen. And all Paxton can do is wait in his cell for someone to realize he’s not the bad guy.

Can Paxton escape his magical prison and stop Mother? Or will he be too late, and lose Cassie just like he lost his dad?

The third installment of the Paxton Locke series delves deeper into the meaning of love and forgiveness, while providing plenty of action, magic, and Humphreys’ signature subtle horror.

Will Mother bring about a world on fire, or a dead Earth? Can Paxton defeat her? Find out and read Come Seeling Night today!

Come, Seeling NightCome, Seeling Night by Daniel Humphreys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another page turner in the ever evolving series. You start in the middle of it, and you have to hang on for the ride as the White Haired Knight pulls you along his never ending saga of action, adventure, sorcery, and mommy issues!

Things are looking kind of sideways for Paxton Locke at the opening of this one, but it seems to be his favorite direction most of the time. With his typical roll-with-the-punches attitude, Paxton soon finds himself at the top of his game working with a new crew (that’s actually a very old crew) as the New Warlock On The Block. For the rest of humanity, that’s very good thing! Oh, yeah, and his mom kidnapped his girlfriend to use as a bait to bring him to the end of the world party up in Maine… at least the scenery is nice.

I highly recommend this book, and the whole series! 5 stars and calling it a Hurry Up And Write The Next Read!

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