Book Launch: Planetary Anthology: Jupiter


Planetary Anthology: Jupiter

Planetary Anthology JUPITER IS OUT NOW!

My short story Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir is one of eighteen stories in this new release called Planetary Anthology: Jupiter published by Superversive Press.

Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir is a new story in the universe of Horizons Unlimited, the organization that created Matt-Con tech. Its the same universe as Quicksilver (Mercury Anthology), and Thirty-Seven Shades of Yellow (Venus Anthology), Xolotl Ressurected (Earth Anthology), and Escaping Aurora (Horizons Unlimited Volume 1).

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Here’s the teaser synopsis:

Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir – One man with a vision thumbs his nose at Earth’s bureaucracy as he pushes mankind’s Manifest Destiny to Valhalla Crater on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, the largest known impact crater in the solar system, and the perfect place to test a theory that can free humans from their biological dependence on Earth itself… but it may take a bit of practice.

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Take a look at this awesome launch video put together by Ben Zwycky.

Here’s the blurb:


“Lord, you told me that Zeus is far away, and the sun is close.” He raised his eyebrows conspiratorially. “What if it’s not true?”

Jupiter has dominated both our mythology and our science for centuries, from the earliest myths of heavenly powers to the revolutionary discovery of Jupiter’s moons by Galileo in 1610 to the current fly-by of the orbiter Juno, we are fascinated by Jupiter’s majesty.

Jupiter inspires these stories of leadership, often unexpected or unwanted; stories of fatherhood, sought or accidental; stories of defiance and of perseverance. Discover stories that allow us to travel back into Myth or to bring Myth into our present; stories that allow us to fly to the stars to take our future place in Jupiter’s orbit; stories to discover who we are, and to meet the aliens that we become.

Included in this volume are:

Sunward by Jeb Kinnison
The Jupiter Ghostbots by Lou Antonelli
Still Harvest by B. A. Booher
Encounter on Ganymede by Colleen Drippé
The Wretched Fate of Frankenstein by Robert Wenson
Subsonic Dreams by Arlan Andrews, Sr.
Leadership Qualities by Julie Frost
As Above, So Below by Jake Freivald
yrmidon by R.W. Ware
Finding Jove, or the further adventures of… by L.A. Behm II
Kronos & Kids by Robert Wenson
Daddy Issues by Karina Fabian
The Servant’s Journey by A. M. Freeman
I Only Have Eyes for Io by Robert Wenson
Diamond Studded by Bokerah Brumley
Icarus Falls by Richard Paolinelli
Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir by J.D.
Freeze by Jane Lebak