Review: A Rock and a Hard Place – Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Casts #11

Finally, I have completed this book. The lag this time I blame on the new season of The Tick on Amazon, HBO’s Westworld (Season 1 & 2), a sudden urge to work on three 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles, and I’m sure there was some Twitch GTA5 RP watching in there too. Also, there was the pre-writing research & obligatory ‘day dreaming’ about a new story I’m plotting in my head. It’s amazing how much time you spend just staring into space as you try to herd your mental cats into a story.

Anyway, this one is a good read. Lots of buildup time, but none of it dull. It all pays off in the end as the final battle is awesome. I can recommend it to you Happy Readers without any qualms. I’ll probably be picking up that 3rd book in the Abolethic Sovereignty Forgotten Realms series next, but we shall see.

The short story(ies?) and the D&D campaign will be taking priority for the next week or three, so the blog will go quiescent again….

Oh, except for one tinsy little thing that’s coming real soon…

Planetary Anthology Jupiter Bookcover

PLANETARY: JUPITER will be out soon from Superversive Press with my story “Be Careful Where You Poke Your Gungnir” included in the mix. It’s a Horizons Unlimited story set a bit farther down the timeline than most of the ones so far. I’ll do a full blog on release day!

For now, back to the main topic… Book Reviews!

Here’s the Amazon Blurb:

Part 2: Episode 11

Two worlds preparing their defenses…
A ship struggling to get back in the fight…
An enemy continuing its relentless attack…
A former enemy that could hold the answer…

With the fate of billions in his hands, Captain Scott is offered a way to save them all and end the bloodshed, but if it backfires, he could lose everything.

Sometimes, there is no good choice. 

And now the review!

A Rock and a Hard PlaceA Rock and a Hard Place by Ryk Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another stellar addition to an already epic series!

Ryk Brown has added another 5 star to my list of books. This episode of The Frontiers Saga: Rogue Casts is a steady build of tension culminating in the epic final battle scenarios that avid readers have come to know and love.

A bit of intrigue and a smorgasbord of problems starts off the plot of this one with the crew of the Aurora and the peoples of the Karuzara Alliance once more on their back foot trying to catch up. The title is definitely apt, and the whole time you read you are wondering how they will manage to pull it off this time. There’s even a bit of a scare when talk of another ‘self sacrifice’ situation is presented to Nathan. It doesn’t take long for events to come to a head as the typical race against the clock to keep ahead of the enemy ensues. Luckily, Nathan Scott is still the best strategist and motivator in two sectors. But you’ll have to read it for yourself if you want to know HOW he manages to squeeze them all out from between A Rock and a Hard Place! (<– You see what I did there?)

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