Review: Plague of Spells (Abolethic Sovereignty #1) by Bruce Cordell

It’s been a while since the last blog, and even a longer while since the last review. The reason for that is that I’ve started and paused on 2 different books (1 for its slowness, and 1 because I got distracted) while scattering my time resources to the winds and the Forgotten Realms wiki. That actually brings us to the book I’m reviewing today. It was an addition/insertion to the TBR pile because it was part of the Forgotten Realms lore in which I was steeped. I needed to know details.

Luckily, It was good enough that I can recommend it to you, Happy Readers!

Here’s the Amazon Blurb:

Lovecraftian Horror in Faerûn!

Blue fire sears the face of Faerûn, leaving the twisted and mutilated dead in its wake. But a rare few escape death–and suffer some mystical mutation. Raidon Kane is one of those who survives, the wake of blue fire burning the sigil of the amulet he wears into his chest and binding him with all the power and responsibility it entails. With everyone he knows and cares about dead, Raidon must find within himself the strength to lead the fight against the rise of an elder evil the likes of which would be the end of mortal kind.

Award-winning game designer Bruce R. Cordell depicts the rise of a monstrous nation of elder evil as only he can in this brand-new trilogy Abolethic Sovereignty. Dedicated to showcasing one of the most fascinating new aspects of the changed face of Faerûn, this trilogy is packed with the exciting battles, wizardry, and monsters that are the hallmark of Forgotten Realms novels as well as introducing a new never-before-seen element of Lovecraftian horror to Faerûn.

And now the review!

Plague of Spells (Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty, #1)Plague of Spells by Bruce R. Cordell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I picked this one up because I’m doing some Forgotten Realms research for a D&D campaign (character backstory). This was the first D&D derived novelization I’d ever read, so I was curious how it would be done comparative to DM guide books and adventure modules. I was pleasantly surprised.

I was surprised at how well the magical abilities and appearances of creatures and characters were portrayed. While there was a bit more ‘tell’ than ‘show’ at times, that did not happen often enough to detract from the work as a whole. I was fully immersed from the start. The action scenes were described well which served to pull you along. It was standard fantasy writing with a hint of the familiar as I recognized the creatures being described. The plot of the story was also engaging. Had I not already known a significant portion of lore regarding Faerûn, I might have been at a bit of a loss, but I can’t say that for certain. The 1st book does end in a significant cliffhanger, so be warned if you plant to read it for yourself.

Overall, I liked the book. I plan to continue with the series. I can recommend it as a fast paced and entertaining read for anyone who likes either High Fantasy or Lovecraftian adventure. I give it 3 stars and call it a Pleasantly Surprised Good Read.

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