Review: The Unseen (Freelancer #2) by Jake Lingwall

The Unseen (Freelancer Book 2)

The Unseen by Jake Lingwall
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Character flaws are things to be fixed, not justified or glossed over. That’s the biggest reason that I cannot give this second book in the Freelancer series anything higher than 2 stars.

The usual thing to do with a character is to have them start out flawed, then recognize that flaw (usually after it lands them in the crap) and then correct it. When you start with a Mary Sue with two big flaws that she (and maybe the author?) can’t see, then don’t fix it but carry it over to the next book… you get a repeat. The same problem Kari had before (easily manipulated) is still there. The other issue is that the ‘flaw’ that she sees in herself (getting people hurt because of her actions) is not the REAL problem, but it BECOMES one even while she extols her virtue for not having done the necessary thing to keep evil from continuing. On no less than five occasions I found myself saying… just kill the guy and damn the consequences… don’t play the game his way… but no, the pages just kept going. *sigh* The dummies on the television don’t listen to me either.

This rest of this review is a spoiler. I don’t have any more time to spend on a 2-star trying to keep it from being one. Read ahead at your own risk.

After escaping the clutches of a power hungry manipulative egomaniac (who happens to work for the government) and almost being killed along with the boy she didn’t even know she liked (but apparently everyone else did?) in the first book, Kari the super-hacker, aka Freelancer, tries to settle down to a normal life of self-indulgence. Unfortunately, she manages to fall into the clutches of a power hungry manipulative egomaniac (who happens to want to overthrow the governments…both of them, as the U.S. is now in a second Civil War).

So, hopefully, you can see my problem here. She learned nothing from her first hellish, mind-scaring, life-trauma event and simply fell into the next one. For a person who is super-smart and can solve so many problems, she is beyond naive. It’s so bad that it completely ruined my suspension of disbelief. I knew who the bad guy was the instant he was introduced.

The whole YA silly teen/young-adult relationship thing just added a level of obnoxious to top the whole thing off.

And that’s why it gets two stars and no more of my time. I’m skipping book 3 because I fear it will be just more of the same.

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