Review: I Am Justice (The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes, #9)

I Am Justice (The Frontiers Saga: Part 2: Rogue Castes, #9)I Am Justice by Ryk Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An outstanding episode that gets back to tactical space battles on top of the back-alley intrigue and in your face firefights! Don’t hesitate to pick this one up!

The stakes continue to rise in this new episode of The Frontiers Saga. Side trips to gather influence and arms, new and improved tech on the way, sheer terror and narrow escapes all await you within this volume. Ryk Brown knocked this one out of the park.

If you’re a follower of the series, you will most likely enjoy this book. If you haven’t read from the start of the series, however, you will most likely not get the impact of certain events, nor understand the major goings-on. So, if you haven’t, go back a read from the start. I actually suggest starting with Part 1 so that you can see the characters and universe evolve from start to finish.

I give this episode a solid 5 stars and call it a Well Rounded Read.

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Escaping Aurora

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