Review: Rebellion

Rebellion by Ryk Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebellion is another great installment of Part 2 of The Frontiers Saga. As Nathan Scott reconciles his recently re-merged mind with his memories of Connor Tuplo, he is trust right back into the thick of a struggle for freedom from domination by tyrannical forces. All the standard cast of characters are present in this one, and it seems the ‘can do crew’ is once again up for the challenge of fighting a desperate campaign for freedom for the people of the Alliance.

While there are no major space based battles in this book, you do get to experience a rousing shipboard take-over. For the most part, this book is a building episode. A few new characters are being introduced for what will obviously be future actions in the rebellion against the Dushan. Scott is undergoing a few side-effects of his cloning that seem to quite helpful, such as a eidetic memory, but the long term consequences are as yet unrevealed. Political intrigue back in the Sol Sector also looms with a deep but unclear foreshadowing. And a plan to hijack some Cobra gunships from an Alliance depot is planned for the future.

The series holds lots of potential threads of interest, and I’m looking forward to the next episode. I give this one four stars and call it a Satisfying Read.

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