Review: That Which Other Men Cannot Do

I’m a bit behind on my reading schedule for 2016 (mostly due to work, binge watching Netflix and some PC games), but I finally finished this one up.


That Which Other Men Cannot Do
That Which Other Men Cannot Do by Ryk Brown

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

This ‘episode’ of The Frontiers Saga is slow to start (due to needed buildup), but the climax is astounding.

I have some complaints that keep me from giving my usual glowing review, however…

Resolutions to certain issues of personality (needed) for Jessica are here, but those issues and traits had been hyped so much in the past that the final outcome and reactions seemed ‘off’ a bit. The side plot with Synda and Jessica seemed forced as well. (view spoiler). The tendency to focus on ship design detail is still overdone to me, but I suppose I’m hypersensitive to it because of previous overdoses in other episodes. The plot moves forward, and the Jung mentality is explored some more, but it almost comes too late to give the ‘shock ending’ a pertinent background to explain its necessity. I get it (the ending), but it is not what I’ve come to expect in this series, so I was sort of thrown out of the story at the end. It did not have the emotional effect it was intended to have for me. I suppose that was because I saw it coming a mile away.

On a positive note, there was some sneaky-sneaky going on at the end that I’m sure will come into play. There will be sequels, as this was supposedly the end of Part I of the saga. I am still hooked on this story, and I look forward to the next installment. Unfortunately, I can only give this one 2.5 stars and call it a Descent Read.

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