Review: Monster Hunter International

Monster Hunter International
Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, that was just fun to read. Especially the part about the Elves who live in Mississippi. I won’t spoil it for you. The plot of this book was great, and it did not get in the way of kicking monster asses at all. Action from page one! The characters were all… well… characters, as in unique personalities. I came away caring about all of them, and not wanting to see any of them get hurt. The story was terrific, and the action… did I mention there was lots of action… it was outstanding. BTW.. if you are a firearms enthusiast… this might actually push you all the way over to ‘gun nut’, so be warned. Let’s just say that firing a fully automatic shotgun at some point in my life is now on my bucket list.

Oh, the story, yeah… almost forgot… Monsters are real and they need killin’. Rednecks from Alabama lead the charge to do it (as long as the Gubment stays out of the way.) while getting paid outrageously for it.

Awesome Read. It would be five stars from me if I were more into the monster tales / horror stuff. The last star is not withheld for any reason other than that. I reserve five starts for MY FAVORITES, but this one could well be yours.

Happy Reading!

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