Review: Vulcan’s Kittens

Vulcan's Kittens
Vulcan’s Kittens by Cedar Sanderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This novel had an interesting take on the origin of myths and gods. The story is definitely a YA level, but I still enjoyed it for the unique perspective. I would say it is very much geared toward young girls of the age that the main character is. All the characters are interesting and likable. Linn grows throughout, as do her Kitten companions, but there are some hiccups that strained my belief a few times. The story is never boring because you are always learning something new about why things are the way they are.

I have to say I was kind of disappointed by the ending because it left a major loose thread hanging while still being on the anti-climactic side. I wanted to see Linnea do a bit more fighting, or at least see her mythical god friends do what they do.

There is obviously more to tell in the story, so be prepared to read on to the next book if you want to know what becomes of Linn and her ‘Kitten’ friends.

I give this one 3 stars and call it a Decent YA Read.

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