Review: Vengeance from Ashes

Vengeance from Ashes
Vengeance from Ashes by Sam Schall

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a mediocre novel at best. A Marine Captain (Furconese Marines) got the A-Team treatment and was stuck in Shawshank Penal Colony for 2 years until her friends on the outside could change the political system to get her out. Then everything got all better. The end.

No, really, that’s kind of how it goes. The story plot had the potential to be a good one, but the climactic points were distinctly lackluster. The main character was hyped to be an essential and awesome military hero with distinguished prowess, but it was never – not even once – shown in the book. Nothing happened. The story would build up to a point where the SHTF was supposed to be, then nothing happened. The story just fell flat. It was supposed to be about vengeance, but no vengeance was ever taken by the main character. She always backed out of taking any action. All the things that ever happened in the story happened TO the character, rather than being done BY the character. In short, it was as boring as watching paint dry.

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